I went to this movie showing thing at my sisters’ school and my freshman was there and it was fun. Tbh I’ve kind of been saying away from all interaction w folks @ school bc one of them is a “well uhhhhhhh I still don’t believe its not right to call people not human uhhh” and a other one fucking hangs around the person who’s been #bullying me bc of this whole mess bc the #bully s bf is her friend and both of the don’t want to start conflicts or some shit? And tbh I don’t consider them my friend anymore. But my freshman is nice and welling meaning so I’m glad I ran into him there w his siblings.And he’s Muslim which is so nicei

Lol at m e l t i n g p e n g u i n s pathetic response to the white whine in the good omens tag i read the preview and was like lolllll nope. None cares about the opinions u fished out of the shit mmmkay. Every1 in the fandom is p much sick of ur ‘thats a cool headcanon butttttt *loud farting noises” im gonna give that nerd a swirly i s2g